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If you are a mother of kids, you will know that it can be difficult to keep up with their needs. Kids have a huge amount of energy, and babies are up at all times of the night, constantly needing care and attention.

So, as a mother, I felt it was essential to make sure I could stay up with my baby and keep up with my kids, so I wanted to get fit. How did I do it? Instead of simply working out a lot by myself, I did it with my children.

The Benefits
Why was this so useful? The first reason is simply because it combines the two quite effectively. I find it difficult to get necessary exercise for myself in around my work schedule, and I also found myself becoming overly tired when playing with my kids.

As such, I combined the two problems – instead of taking extra time out for a work-out, I played with my kids as much as I could. This got me the exercise that I personally needed, improving my health, while giving me the chance to play with my kids and to become as fit as I needed to be able to keep up with all their needs.

The second benefit to this is that it saved me a lot of time. Instead of eating into time where I should have been working, it gave me the ability to get exercise I wanted while playing with kids, meaning I had more time for work.

Benefits for Them
The third benefit is one you may not have realized – the fact that it helps your kids as well. Some kids are averse to the idea of playing too much and getting exercise, but if you can show them that you are happy to play with them, then they should hopefully follow your lead and get more exercise.

Being healthy overall is a good thing to teach your children, so if you can do it in a fun way then they should hopefully keep it as a habit for the rest of their life.

The fourth benefit is that it can save money – having invested in natural heavy metal detox, being able to get healthy with my kids was an alternative which managed to save me a fair amount of money, while getting the entire family more active.

This leads onto the fifth and final benefit of doing this – the fact it brings families closer together. Not only does it get everyone fitter, but it is a chance for days out together when we go walking or riding our bikes. In general a lot of families suffer from not being able to do things together as much due to a hectic lifestyle, but by combining all of these things together you should find that it is far easier to really enjoy a good day out with your family, so that you can really start to bond.

Overall this makes for a great way to both get fit and spend time with your family, as it gives so many benefits overall. It doesn’t seem like exercise while you are doing it, so it is a far better way to have fun and really enjoy yourself at the same time. If you can keep it up regularly, not only will your home life be far better, but you should start to find that you can really get into shape, and being kept up by kids is not as bad, as you will have more energy overall to do so.

About the Author:
Melissa Cameron is a mother of three, currently trying to find the best ways to balance life and family. Having looked at a lot of different ways to get in shape, green Chlorella made for a really healthy body. But having time to spend with her kids, they made for the best overall time to get healthy.

Image courtesy of elyse patten via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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