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Amusing a room full of children is a daunting task, unless you come prepared with plenty of entertaining and fun-filled activities. Once you have decided on a theme or focus for your children’s birthday party, begin planning as soon as possible so you have all of your bases covered. When selecting generic activities, such as a scavenger hunt or goodie bags, make sure to tie it in with your theme to keep the children focused and entertained. Organize a children’s birthday party that guests will recall for years to come with a few of these activities.

Photo Booth
Taking photos during a birthday party is a common tradition. However, you can step this up a notch by creating a photo booth filled with theme-coordinated objects for props. For example, for a zoo animal birthday party you can add foam animal masks or animal costumes to the booth.

A character-themed party, such as Dora or Mickey Mouse, can include stuffed animals and related objects including backpacks for Dora or Mickey Mouse ears. Supply the photo booth with an instant Polaroid camera or plan to print out pictures for guests using a computer and photo printer. Add the finished photos to guests’ goodie bags for a personalized keepsake.

Relay Races
Children are by nature competitive and full of energy. Take advantage of both of these traits by organizing a relay race. Depending on the theme of your party, provide costumes, such as tutus for ballerinas or jerseys for a sports-themed event, for guests to wear during the races.

Include a rewards ceremony where you hand out blue ribbons to the winners and the losers, so that everyone gets a prize. For instance, prize categories could include the most enthusiastic, the hardest worker, the best dressed, and the most entertaining.

Food Fun
What kid doesn’t like to get messy? One of the coolest ways to keep guests entertained is to throw a food fight, something everyone has dreamed about but most likely never been a participant. Ask guests to bring a change of old clothes. Supply guests with squeeze bottles filled with condiments and sauces. Fill bowls with foods, such as popcorn, cotton candy, colored sugar, flour, and eggs.

Give everyone plastic bags to hold the various items that they can select to throw at each other. When choosing the food items, steer clear of anything spicy or acidic that can cause harm if it gets into someone’s eyes. This activity is best suited for outdoors in a grassy space that can withstand the onslaught of flying food. A spray water hose is the best way to wash off the food-covered participants.

Personalized T-Shirts
No, this isn’t your typical tie-dye or puff paint T-shirt that we are talking about; these personalized T-shirts are custom-designed and professionally printed. During your party planning, select an online T-shirt company that will print the T-shirts. These websites offer programs to enter the designs of the T-shirts.

Allow each group of children to use a computer to input their personalized T-shirt designs. If you are hosting a large event, ask for volunteers to bring their laptops to connect to wireless Internet to speed up the process. The T-shirt printing will take a few days to print and ship, so plan a get-together for everyone to pick up their completed T-shirts.

If you plan your next children’s birthday party ahead of time, not only will you find yourself relaxed and ready during the event, but you’ll discover that the guests are having a better time. Everyone likes to attend a party, but parties are best remembered when they include a plethora of entertaining activities. Guests will leave your event with memories and mementos that they will keep with them for years to come. They will be more than ready for next year when you throw your child’s next birthday party.

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