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Something that we don’t talk about often enough is hearing. For the most part, we’re all much older before hearing loss can affect us, so it’s not something young families may consider. I mean, we all worry about the kids eating right and staying active, and we may even worry about hearing in loud situations like concerts or monster truck shows. But do we just keep an eye on hearing health in general?

Here at Earnest Parenting, Hubby takes hearing health very seriously. He happens to be hard of hearing, so he’s always been very aware of the importance of protecting the boys’ hearing abilities.

As I said before, the biggest segment of the population to suffer hearing loss is adults over the age of 65. How sad that adults get old enough to have grandbabies they can enjoy, only to start losing the ability to hear those precious voices?

According to the National Institutes for Health, between 25% and 40$ of adults in that age category suffer from some degree of hearing loss. That number is expected to shoot up, possibly to 78 million adults in the next 15-20 years.


I personally have noticed a hearing loss of late, possibly due to allergies. Let me tell you, it’s already not fun.

The great news (and the point of this post) is that a new educational website about hearing health has been launched. I Like My Hearing has a public service announcement you can watch, along with plenty of resources on how to protect your hearing, and where to go to get it tested.

Also! You can enter to win the Favorite Sounds Sweepstakes. Prize is the $5000 value opportunity to attend a fundraising gala this November with Chris Botti and ten of your friends.

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