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I am a big fan of coupons, and have posted here before about my use of the Savings Angel program. It saves me so much money! When I shop online for goods other than groceries, I usually stop and do a quick search for a coupon code before I check out. That has saved me some serious cash as well over the years.

I got an email recently from Amanda of Coupon Chief. Have you heard of this site? I hadn’t before now. It’s amazing how much is available online and you can miss it completely!

Anyhow. Coupon Chief is pretty great. You stop there and enter in the store where you’re shopping, and any active coupon codes will come up. Also, you can see how many other users tried the code and whether they were successful.

So far this may not seem like anything revolutionary, right? Because there are several pretty large sites out there that share coupon codes. Here’s where Coupon Chief gets original: if you register with the site, you can share a coupon code you’ve found, and earn 2% from every person who uses that code! With hundreds and hundreds of stores listed, you too can earn a little money from this venture.

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