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If you’re my age (cough-42-cough) then you remember a time when the only way to reach home was to find a pay phone. The advent of cellular phones over the past 20 years has really changed all that, and it often leads me to wonder: how DID my mother stand not knowing where I was?? I mean, she didn’t have any kind of GPS locator or way to text me if she needed to. It’s really an awe-inspiring thought. I don’t know if I could have handled it.

Enter: 5Star Urgent Response. 5Star Urgent Response is an app you put on your phone that will connect you with help at the touch of a button. It’s kind of like OnStar for your phone, and boy does it look handy. If you’ve got kids who are on the go all the time, you can add the service to their phone and rest a little easier knowing that they can connect with a Certified Response Agent in seconds if they need it.

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The super cool thing is that there are no contract requirements or early termination fees. You just pay $14.99 monthly for the program. What it gets you is a little more peace of mind that your kid (or an elderly parent) is able to get help in an emergency.

Now that the older boys are going out with friends, and are at sports, and will be in school next fall, it’s important to me that they have a way to connect with adults at all times. I’m definitely considering 5Star Urgent Response as a way to ensure their quick access to help.

Download the NEW GreatCall 5Star App and get the first month FREE! And let me know how it works for you, won’t you??

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