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Have you ever thought about what you’d do in a crisis? Since the boys are all in Scouts, being prepared is rather a big deal around here. I try to keep up with the groceries and make sure we’re well supplied, but with 4 hungry boys that’s not always easy. They eat everything! There are times when there’s not much to eat around here. If we were to suddenly suffer a major weather event or power outage, that could be a problem.

I’ve often wondered about trying some of those storable meals you can get. Or maybe some MRE’s, like they have in the military. But I’m rather a picky eater, and the cost is often high. Plus if I didn’t like something and threw it out then I’d have to feel guilty about the waste. So I’ve never tried any of them.

I’ve even purchased some freeze-dried meals for the boys to take camping. But try them myself? Nooooooo. Too scary.

Well. I’m going to try some of this stuff. The good folks at eFoods Direct are sending me a trial package, and I’m GOING to eat some of it. Because I’m not scared. Nuh-uh. Not me.

Plus, I NEED to start having a better emergency plan in place. I might not love the taste now, but I sure would if I were hungry and there was nothing else available.

The neat thing about these meals is that they’re shelf stable for a long time. Like 25 years. So I can buy and store it, knowing that it’s available if needed. But I don’t have to worry about keeping track of expiration dates all the time. And if there’s ever a problem, we’ve got food available.

The other neat thing: the price. The 7 day pantry pack which is 28 meals is available right now for $25. Wow. Assuming it’s tasty, I think that’s a mighty nice price. They’re having a special Memorial Day sale right now. Just enter the code Food50 if you buy the 7 day pack.

I’m looking forward to trying this stuff out, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

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