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Good Friday, Heroes! Well, BlogCarnival appears to be down again, so I can’t pull the usual Fun For Your Friday articles. I’ll add them in as soon as the site comes back up. Soon, I hope!

In the meantime, we’re having a bit of fun here on Friday. Well, kind of. We got a new doggie last week Friday, and she’s starting to adjust to living here. Our existing puppy has started to accept her and wants to play. This means LOTS of provocative barking. Loud, loud barking. Marlee, the new girl, isn’t so sure this is really her home (she’s been through several and is a bit traumatized) so she basically is ignoring Keely and the noise. Which is quite a trick really, considering that Keely is in her face and barking more or less constantly. It only stops when they sleep or we separate them.

My fun though, is imagining how wonderful it will be when the adjustment period is over and my girls each have their own buddy.


Welcome to the May 18, 2012 edition of fun for your friday. Jennifer Saksa presents Unzip To See What’s Inside posted at NCH Software Blog, saying, “A Google Doodle and zipping software,”

Barb W. presents Comic Book Mom: 5 Reasons Han Solo would make a fine Presidential Candidate posted at Comic Book Mom, saying, “Top five reason to consider Han Solo as the next viable presidential candidate”

Christie Storms presents That Strange New Pain…and Other Reasons to Avoid Googling Symptoms posted at Actual Times May Vary, saying, “I think as parents, one of our worst fears is NOT living to see our children grow up…so when we do silly things like google our medical symptoms (when we know we shouldn’t!), I describe how RIDICULOUS it can get and how it just plays right into our fears.”

Mary Edwards presents 10 Facts About Men That Seem to Escape Most Women posted at Best Dating Sites, saying, “The communication barrier between male and female of the human species is an age-old dilemma. We understand that we’re wired differently, yet we’ve never quite managed to find a common language. No one is ever going to accuse men of being complex creatures, mind you, but still women fail to comprehend some fundamental truths about them.”