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I was recently sent a copy of Tyler Durman’s new book Birthday Suit. Tyler is a gifted and hilarious author and speaker, and he’s a dad who’s made some choices in life that many have; living with those choices can be difficult.

As a young man with OCD, Tyler had some difficulties in life. He describes the experience with honesty, sensitivity, and humor that kept me turning the page. My first favorite story in the book is the day he takes a knife to school, gets caught, and then goes home to face his parents. Tyler includes the thoughts he had as he interacted with his folks. I laughed out loud as he imagined them killing him off for doing something as embarrassing as getting suspended from school.

Tyler’s dad’s response to the whole thing nearly made me cry though. Just wonderful.

This is a pretty honest book, and Tyler lets you know that he isn’t perfect. He’s got some hard-won wisdom to share, and I completely recommend this book. A collection of short stories, you see at the end how everything ties together.

The book is an easy read, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I let my visiting father-in-law start reading, and had to force him to stop because I needed the book for the review and Dad had to go home. Poor guy.

I’ll let him finish it next visit.

You can find out more about Tyler Durman at his website, Bite Size Wisdom.

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