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If you’re a parent you know that there will only ever be one outcome when your children see a large, inviting puddle of water. No matter how hard you try, the temptation for them to take a big running jump into it is just too great – they just can’t help themselves.

So how can you let your child have fun with water, without having to worry about them getting soaked?

Believe it or not, there a quite a few waterproof clothing companies out there which provide specialized waterproof clothing for both kids and adults alike. From waterproof jackets to waterproof running socks, cycle gloves and hats, there’s an increasing range of waterproof clothing being made for children too. So, if you don’t want your little one to get soaking wet the next time you’re out, you really should think about investing in some proper waterproofs for both you and them. They’ll not only be kept warm and dry you won’t have to worry about shouting at the top of your lungs!

With that in mind and getting into the spirit of things, here’s five wet activities you can let your kids enjoy – without having to worry about them getting sopping wet.

1 – The puddle
Yes, we’ve already mentioned it, but puddles are the bane of most parents’ lives. Whether you’re doing something simple like walking to the shops or going for a stroll in the park, once the rain stops and there’s puddles-a-plenty, they just can’t help themselves. If this is something all too familiar to you, start off by making sure they have a decent pair of wellington boots on to let them run around as much as they like. However top on your shopping list should be a pair of thermal socks – they’ll keep your kids’ feet warm and dry, no matter how many puddles they jump in.

2 – The beach
The beach is a perfect place to relax, unwind, enjoy the sun and eat ice cream. Yet your kids can quickly get bored of building sandcastles and the temptation to run into the sea can be too great. If you want to let your kids enjoy the salt water, it’s important to buy a well-fitting wetsuit.This suit should fit like a second skin, comfortable – but form fitting. There are sizes available from adult down to baby wetsuit. As well as keeping your kids warm in the salty sea, the wetsuit has many other benefits. Not only will the material add a slight buoyancy, which can aid the confidence of a novice in the water, and the suit provides wind and UV protection both in and out of the water so they won’t get sunburnt. They also offer some general protection too, for example from jellyfish.

3 – The snow
When you think about snow, most people have a romantic view of white covered fields, happy children sledging and building snowmen. They don’t think about freezing cold hands, red raw fingers and shivering bodies. If you’ve ever tried rolling a snowball without a pair of gloves on you’ll know these feelings all too well! Plus snow is of course just very very cold water. With that in mind, you need to make sure your kids have a good pair of gloves. The best waterproof gloves will be the ones which not only have a wind-stopping outer shell, they’ll have reinforced padding for extra protection.

4 – The waterfight
It’s summer. You’re all out enjoying the sunshine. There’s not a cloud in the sky, and you’re not worrying about the rain. In a moment of madness someone throws a cold glass of water – and the waterfight begins. Kids just can’t help themselves on hot days! If this sounds like something you’re all too familiar with, there’s no need to stop them having their fun – just buy them an all-in-one rainsuit! These suits are perfect for kids, made of a material which won’t make them hot, but will keep them dry at least!

5 – The amusement park
Picture the scene, you’re taking the kids to an amusement park. They see a fun water ride full of thrills and spills. You see nothing but wet people coming off the ride absolutely soaked to the bone. “Mom, please let’s go on!” they cry. And so you let them, but not before paying through the nose for one of those novelty plastic ponchos. You can save yourself a small fortune by investing in a waterproof jacket. These jackets are made of a material specially-designed to keep you warm and dry, come rain or shine. The close gauze inside draws water away from your body, while stopping any water from getting in. Plus, unlike many overcoats, they can be easily rolled up and travel easily – the perfect item of clothing for busy parents!

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