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Encouraging Heroes. You can be one too.

Welcome to today’s video, Heroes! I grew up watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Did you? I loved that show. I’ve always been a little bummed that my boys wouldn’t watch it. They just didn’t hold still long enough when they were little. Oh well.

It turns out that Mr. Rogers helped establish the Fred Rogers Center before he died. In this video Daddy Clay from DadLabs.com chats with Michael Robb, Director of Education and Research at the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media. The FRC helps parents and educators deal with their concerns about the rapid pace of technology change and media exposure for young children.

They are working with the National Association for the Education of Young Children to develop healthy ways to integrate technology into the early learning environment. The center has resources for early learning educators, families, child care providers including their recently launched site called “The Early Learning Environment.” This site encourages parents and educators to share media and technology based resources, videos, games, eBooks, and other interactive tools.

The Fred Rogers Center is primarily focused on children from birth to age 5. They bring in experts from various tech-industry areas including research, policy, advocacy, and education, to help find ways to use technology to support early childhood development.

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