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Folks who see me in person regularly know that I’m rather a…picky eater. There, I said it. My good friend from Hong Kong with whom I chat daily often laughs at my “ewwwwwww!” response to various foods he eats. Because ewwww. Yucky.

I don’t like seafood of any kind, am not highly fond of mushrooms, and then there’s soup. Blegh. (I will eat soup to be polite, or at a restaurant. Restaurant soup is usually good. As long as I don’t have to eat any leftovers.)

I’m also rarely fond of canned food, many frozen items, and much of the convenience foods people enjoy. Chef Boy-ar-Dee, for example. (Shudder.)

All that to say that feeding me is a bit difficult. On the plus side, I’m a big fan of fresh food. And steak, cheese, potatoes, veggies of most kinds, and popcorn. Yum.

Back in the big Y2K panic, I started thinking about having some freeze dried meals on hand. Even researched it a little online over the years. But the prices are so high! And would I even like them? We’ve gotten some for the boys for various Scout campouts and they reported a sincere dislike of the food as well. So I never did anything about it.

Last month Hannah from eFoodsDirect contacted me and offered to send me a trial pack of their foods. I thought, “What the heck?? Why not?” I was a little nervous though.

The package arrived last week. Tortilla soup, potato soup, and chicken and rice casserole. Whoa. Two soups?

I very bravely tried all three of them, and liked them! The boys weren’t willing to try much of the soups, but Hubby and I did and they were pretty good. In the case of starvation, I betcha I’d think they were AMAZING. And the chicken and rice casserole was totally delicious. We ate up every bit of it in one sitting. All of the food tasted fresh cooked, and not like it had been preserved somehow. The package directions suggest adding salt and pepper to taste, but none was required. I did add some corn to the potato soup because that made it even better.

But I ate soup. All by myself!

Oh, and the price isn’t crazy either. Granted, it’s still not cheap in terms of up-front pricing, but paying $1.64 per serving is a lot less than taking the kids to a restaurant. You can check out the store for yourself.

If you want to try some samples, you can get a free pack just like I did. They do ask that you pay $9.95 shipping. For 6 meals, not a bad price. All the details are available on the eFoodsDirect offer page.

And, in remembrance of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in Japan last year, you can get a special pack at 50% off right now!

I don’t have a big pile of cash sitting around right now to stock up on survival goods. But I do have a little bit here and there that I can use to buy supplies a little at a time. That’s the current plan anyway. We can use the food for campouts, and save it for power outages. It’s good for 25 years, so I don’t have to worry about anything spoiling.

The meals are vegetarian, and the food is as healthy as they can make it. Where possible, meals are low cholesterol. They have no trans fats, MSG, or hydrogenated oil. They’re a good source of fiber, and some are gluten free. All good things!

FTC disclosure: I got a free pack of food for this review (you can too!). All links are just links, no affiliate earnings will be happening. I’m telling you about this because it seems like a darn good product to me.