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I just finished reading my complimentary copy of Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role by Erin Davis, and I have to say I’m terribly impressed.

Do you know a mom who feels like she’s a second class citizen because she’s not out pursuing a career? Do you know a mom who’s angry frequently because no one ever thanks her for all the drudgery? Maybe you’re that mom. I have been, every now and again.

I think we all struggle with feeling worthless, especially in a culture that pretty much demonizes motherhood. Yea, a new baby is celebrated and everyone gets excited. Then the messages from the culture are pretty clear: you want to be worthwhile/fulfilled/meaningful? Get a job.

The sad part is, the women out there with jobs are struggling with the same thing. Because ultimately, it’s not the job or lack thereof that makes you feel worthless or worthy. It’s your own perception of the import of your mission in life.

In her book, Erin Davis lays out a strong Biblical argument for how important motherhood really is. She begins by showing how attitudes toward motherhood have eroded over the last several decades. With the advent of feminism, the notion that career trumps mothering has become pretty widespread. Davis makes clear, she’s not saying that the complete opposite is true. You won’t find fulfillment in mothering for motherhood’s sake any more than working for work’s sake.

Here’s a favorite quote: “…understanding your God-given purpose and embracing that purpose does lead to fulfillment. Knowing god’s truth and putting it into practice is the only way to fill the void.”

Beyond Bath Time is a relatively short book with ten chapters and about a hundred and fifty pages. But it’s packed with a lot of truth, and gives moms the opportunity to both search their hearts and start on the path towards being truly fulfilled in their lives. I don’t think there’s really any easy path in life. But knowing where you are as a child of God certainly makes walking your path a lot better.

A wonderful feature about the book is actually not even in the book. Once you’ve finished reading, you’re invited to go to beyondbathtime.com and there take a 30-day study to renew your heart. She calls it the Mom Makeover. Day 1 is included in the book for you to review.

If you know a mom who needs some encouragement, this book could really help.

FTC Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book to read for free. I think it’s a great book and do recommend it. No links in this article are affiliate links.