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In recent years, green has meant more than just a color. Green is also a major movement that involves people incorporating more environmental practices in their lives. When you incorporate more green lifestyle choices into your day to day existence, you are doing good by helping the earth. For many years, the earth has suffered damage at the hands of humans and because of this, it is our job to help reverse that damage so to protect the condition of the earth for our children. If you want to teach your children how to nurture the earth so to make it a better place for all those who inhabit it for many years to come, here is a little lesson in green living 101 for kids.

1. Recycle
There are many products we use in our day to day lives that can be recycled so to cut down on waste. Also, there are many products to avoid if you want to eliminate waste altogether. Certain bottles and all cans can be recycled and it is important to do so if you want to eliminate the overfill of landfills. Or, reuse items when possible. If you must buy bottled water, try to reuse the bottles becase these bottles are very hard to break down once they reach landfills. Or, why not eliminate using bottled water all together? Your tap water is generally safe and most times bottled water is very unnecessary.

2. Reuse
When you go to the store to buy new items, you are creating a burden on the earth. Not only does it take energy to make these items, but it also takes energy to ship the items to stores. Next time you need new items like clothing or household accessories, why not try shopping at a thrift store? Thrift stores offer a variety of commonly used items, like clothes, and most of the stuff they sell are in good condition. When you shop at a thrift store not only will you be helping the earth, but you will save tons of money.

3. Plant A Garden
When you buy fresh produce in a store, often times unhealthy, environmentally damaging pesticides are used to grow these foods. When you choose to grow your own vegetables, you will have completely all natural vegetables that are safe to grow and eat. Plus, gardening is an enjoyable activity that can provide hours of good time family fun.

4. Shop Earth Friendly
When you go shopping, look for products that are either organic, or are made using environmentally friendly ingredients. Many brands specialize in providing green products, and there is a wide selection of earth friendly items available on the shelves of your favorite store. Also, bring your own reusable bags to carry your items in. Always avoid using those plastic bags that most stores provide because they take many years to break down, essentially causing great environmental damage.

In order to protect the earth from further damage so to make it a healthy and safe place for many years to come, it is important that you teach your children how to live a more earth friendly life. By instilling your child with green living knowledge at a young age, you can be certain you will be raising a child who will grow into an earth-friendly adult.

Micah Jones writes about parenting & green living. He is a contributing author at www.dentalinsurance.net.

Image courtesy of martona33 via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.