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Encouraging Heroes. You can be one too.

We have another video of the day, Heroes! DadLabs presents: Pirate101 Online Family Gaming – Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad visit the headquarters of KingsIsle, creators of Wizard101, the smash online game with over 25 million users. They get a sneak peak at the follow up game, Pirate101. Pirate 101 is an adventure game that is accessible and family friendly with various levels and game tracks for older and younger players. KingsIsle focused on multi-generational play because online gaming is becoming more important to families, and many report being brought closer together by playing them. Episode 873 is brought to you by KingsIsle.

Hubby and I started playing an online game several years ago and it didn’t take long before the whole thing was a family affair. I’d sit with my laptop, and Hubby had the desktop, and we’d each have a boy or two at our sides. Those were good times! Things got busy enough that we haven’t been able to play much. Plus we don’t have 6 computers so that all members of the fam can play at the same time. But it’s a goal! We loved going on virtual adventures very much.

What about you? Have you played online games with your kiddos? This Pirate101 looks pretty family friendly.