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There is no age too early to begin teaching your children character. This means you need to teach them to be confident, aware of their actions, and always be respectful of others. This will lead them down the path of having character. Some people think this is something that comes naturally, but really, our jobs as parents are to teach our children how to have it. Schools around the world are even trying to teach character, and will work with you to enhance your efforts at home. Here’s what you need to know to get started on this lifelong process.

Show your children that being active in the community is a normal part of life. Communicate that it is important to share and give to others. We must always be willing to help others. You will also be teaching your child better awareness of the world around them, and that the world is full of diverse people who need our help. Not only does volunteering teach your kids character, but it also gives you time as a family to spend quality time together.

Model Behavior
Teach your children to treat other people the same way that they want other people to treat them. As parents, we have to be the model for them to learn from. Show your own type of caring behaviors to your friends and relatives,so your children will see how to treat other people. Simple respect and kindness go a long way.

Problem Helping
We need to guide and support our kids when they have tough experiences. This will teach them how to work through struggles on their own as adults. This doesn’t mean you can just give them the answers to all their problems though. Your role is support, not answers. Be a friend or partner for your child – guide them, love them, but don’t order them. Then, communicate to them what you have done to them and encourage them to do the same for those in their life.

Always encourage your children to tell the truth, to always be honest, but focus as well on how to correct the behavior instead of pressuring them into telling you the truth. Sometimes kids will make up a story to keep themselves from getting into too much trouble after they have misbehaved. If this is the case, you have to articulate your unconditional love for them. Reward them for telling the truth, even if they misbehaved.

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