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Good Friday, Heroes! Today we are celebrating the wonderfulness of summer warmth. Because it’s not winter. And I get to wear shorts.

Although…it is getting kind of hot around here.

But that’s okay. 🙂 Today we’re happy to be warm and sunny.

Welcome to the June 15, 2012 edition of fun for your friday. Lindsay Willison presents 10 Most Frustrating Times to Get Stuck with an Automated Phone Attendant posted at Landline Phone Service, saying, “There are few things in everyday life that are as frustrating as having to deal with an automated phone attendant. It’s bad enough that you have to call customer support to begin with, but knowing that you’ll have to run the obstacle course that is your service provider’s phone answering service is just too much.”

Laura Backes presents 10 Gag Gifts You Can Only Find on the Web posted at DSL Service Providers, saying, “Some of the most fun gifts to give aren’t the sentimental ones, but the gag gifts for that special someone in your life you just love to prank.”

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