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Having this blog has generated some neat opportunities over the last 5 years.

The latest most interesting one was the chance to interview Chef Mark Bucher about cooking with turkey. I’m not the biggest turkey fan, especially ground turkey. Every time I have tried it, the burgers came out tasting…funny. Even the spices I used tasted different, and it wasn’t appealing. So I went back to ground beef. Which means I don’t get to make burgers very often, because red meat isn’t so good for the ol’ diet.

However. I’m always interested in learning ways to make good food for the family. I try to do healthy things, in hopes of instilling good habits in the boys. One of my biggest dreads is what they’re going to eat the first few years they’re out of the house. Just thinking about dorm food makes me shudder. If they like healthy natural food, maybe that will stick with them. You know?

I was so fascinated to learn the chef’s secret for making a great turkey burger taste as good as ground beef. I bet you’ll never guess! Check out the interview, and then tell me if you guessed them.

So?? Did you guess?

I was really impressed at the recipes Mark shared, as well as learning that ground turkey can be more economical than ground beef. These days, economical is a good thing. And the fact that you can cook delicious food means that children will actually eat the food you’re serving. Yay!

For lots of interesting and helpful turkey cooking information, check out eTurkey.com.

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