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As parents one of our most important jobs is to keep our children safe.  Keeping them safe means different things at different ages.  When they are babies and small children we use safety gates, car seats, toilet latches, and life jackets.  As they grow the ways in which we keep them safe change, as do the technology and tools we use.  Newer technologies have recently become available to monitor pre-teens and teens, such as devices that can be placed in cars to monitor where your child is in their car and their speeds.  As well as GPS systems on cell phones to help you keep track of your child.

Gone are the days where latch-key kids were nearly guaranteed safe.  As parents we need to protect our children, no matter their age, from the dangers of other people, and from the dangers they can pose to themselves.  Most parents are not completely sure if they can trust their older children to come home right after school, and do their homework and chores.  Most are not sure if they can trust their teen to make curfew, especially if the parent is not there to monitor that they are.

A new technology through home security systems is now enabling parents to keep a closer on eye on their children and their comings and goings; no matter where the parents happen to be.  With this new technology parents can access live camera feed, along with photos on any wireless device, be it a smart phone, lap top or ipad.  This service makes it very easy for parents to keep an eye on their kids, no matter if they are at work, running late at the grocery store, or on a business trip on the other side of the world.  With this technology you can tell if your child has come home on time and is beginning their homework.  You can tell if they came home on time, but then left again without permission.  You can also discover if they brought someone home with them.  You have all eyes on your house at anytime you choose with this new and innovative technology.

With this type of home security technology, security cameras can be placed discreetly in any area of your home that you choose.  This makes it easy to focus in on what you feel needs the most monitoring with your own children.  Place one by each door to see who is coming and going when.  Place one at the dining room table to see who is doing their homework or starting their chores.  The options are limitless and are all yours.

If you would like to learn more about these home security and safety system options, you should contact an authorized Lifeshield dealer.  Learning about options with these new types of services can put you on the right track to keeping your older children safe.  Having technology such as this can give you peace of mind that no matter where you are, you can be in control of your home and children.

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