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I suppose this makes me a dinosaur, but I’m still completely amazed by the technology that we can just hold in the palm of our hands. I mean really. A phone that takes pictures?? Who would have imagined that 30 years ago? Not me, that’s for sure. Anyway, in episode 878 from DadLabs, Daddy Danny checks out the olloclip 3-in-1 camera lens for the iPhone.

This lens comes with a fish eye, wide angle, and macro lens. While the lens snaps on quickly and easily and is held firm, you cannot use it with any type of case on the iPhone. So putting on the lens can be a hassle, and can cause you to miss that moment you really wanted to capture and share.

Overall, the Olloclip lens adds versatility to the capabilities of the iPhone as a camera. There are hundreds of options out there, including adapters that allow you to use full size dSLR lenses with your iPhone. Once you have those wonderful memories captured, you’ll want to share them. Burst is a great app that allows you to create a circle of friends and family with whom you can quickly and easily share your photos with just one touch. Safely and securely. Episode 878 is brought to you by Burst.It.

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