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Nobody likes chores and everyone has that one chore they refuse to do. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom toilets or folding laundry, somebody has to do it. Even as adults we struggle to get them done, so that’s why it’s so important to start your children early by giving them tasks to help out. Here are 4 tricks to get your gets to help around the house:

Make it easy: Start small and work your way up. A simple and small task is to have them make their beds each morning. Once they have made that habit a routine, move your way up to cleaning their rooms, then taking out the trash and working your way out to dusting the living room. Giving children house tasks like doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms and the dishes are big ones and best left to the older children in the house.

Make it fun: First of all, the word ‘chore’ has a negative connotation to it, so skip calling it ‘chores’ and stick to saying things like ‘helping around the house’, ‘tasks’ and ‘to-do’s’.  Allow the kids to play their favorite music on the speakers while the clean. Also try having fun and easy conversations during the house tasks; the trick is to make it feel like they aren’t working but just having a good time.

Rewards: You have a job and work, and then you get rewarded with a paycheck. This is a great way to start your kids early with the concept of working for money. If you don’t want to give monetary rewards, give them other rewards like picking the next family movie or buying them the small toy they wanted earlier that week. Just reward them and as always, be sure that you thank them and tell them how you appreciate their hard work.

Daily enforcement: Starting your child early and making it a daily habit will help them make it part of their life. Having them do their tasks each day will help enforce and engrain that kind of behavior through to their adulthood.

Remember to start them early, easy and keep it fun! Starting them early will help them in their future and help prevent you from any future melt downs after tripping over their mess. Happy cleaning!

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