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According to current surveys and statistics less children are pursuing science after they graduate from high school. Many scientists feel that this is because children are not captivated by science at a young age and are led to believe it is boring. With this is mind here are some fun and simple science experiments you can perform with your kids that should spark their imaginations.

How to Make Pepper Jump

Fishing for Ice

Floating a Ping Pong Ball

How To Make a Submarine

How to Suck an Egg into a Bottle

If you find your children are captivated by science you might want to take a day trip to a science museum; many of these have become a lot more interactive these days and are more akin to indoor play areas whilst still being educational. Other options include science themed children’s parties where a mad professor can entertain children on their birthday. Scientists are certainly more original than clowns and, if you ask me, a lot less terrifying too.

Another way to engage kids with science is to give them facts when they ask questions like “where does rain come from?” The water cycle is easy to explain and understand and will spark kid’s imaginations; there are many questions children will ask, whether it is about their food or how mom and dad’s car moves, that have scientific answers that will astound them.
Science is all about understanding how things work and there are no more inquisitive people on this planet than children. With that in mind science and children are a match made in heaven.

Kevin Ball is a writer with a keen interest in science. He is currently writing for Science Boffins children’s parties; check their site for some more fun science experiments to try at home.

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