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We all live in a stressful society where there is hustle and bustle and barely any time for relaxation. More people are turning to anti-depressants and other medications in an attempt to calm down. Those who are under a great deal of stress may find themselves taking their frustrations out on the children. The children, who are probably just acting like normal children, can feel frustrated and on edge because of their parents mood.

Stress can lead to many negative complications, but one of the day to day problems is that there is no enjoyment in life. Usually, when someone is overloaded they will become depressed at their inability to function at the level they need to. When a body becomes worn down, stressed out per se, then depression can easily set in. The mental health issues associated with stress are massive. From what some term as a “nervous breakdown” to anxiety and panic attacks, these are all common from being stressed out. The things that people used to enjoy soon become of little interest in the face of great turmoil from stress.

While the vast amount of mental health issues are of concern, there are other issues to be alarmed about. Stress can cause hair loss. Thankfully there are hair loss creams, lotions and even hair transplants that can take place in serious cases. Hair transplant clinics are helping those who have become stressed to the point of losing their hair. Some people actually will pull out their hair; this condition is called Trichotillomania. Thankfully hair transplant surgeons can help these people restore their hair and their self-esteem.

Parents seem to make up the majority of those who are in the ‘stressed out category’. Children cause a great deal of pressure and aggravation because of their constant needy nature. When a parent is already feeling the pressure, the last thing they need is a child screaming and crying. Here are some ways to calm down and get control of the situation, before it’s too late:

• Take a deep breath, Inhale and exhale slowly.

• Walk away; leave the room where the child is.

• Sit down in another room and calm down.

• Call someone, a friend, on the phone and talk about situation.

• Write a journal and keep track of how you are feeling.

When dealing with an intense situation, it is important to remember a few things when children are involved:

1. Never take things a child says to heart. Children often speak from anger and have no clue what they are truly saying.

2. Go down to their level and use a stern tone but do not raise your voice or yell at children. This can often make the situation worse than it is and the children to react from their parent’s reaction. Remember every action causes a reaction, kids are included in this.

3. Never say something that will later be regretted. Words can be painful and can cause a great deal of trouble in a family.

Not only does stress cause relationship issues, but the physical health issues can be overwhelming. Those who are in great distress can be targets for heart attacks, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure and many other conditions. To prevent becoming overwhelmed in life, it is important to take time each and every day to relax. For some this may be a warm bubble bath, for others sitting in a comfortable chair and reading a book.

Regardless of how it is done, it is important to have a period of de-stress each day.

Author Bio – Jonny Webber lives in Manchester, England where he works as a free lance writer creating content about health, eco living, and cosmetic surgery. He writes regularly for http://www.hairtransplants.co.uk/ that offers all manner of tips and information on hair transplants, hair care and general health. Follow him on twitter by clicking @Jonnywriter

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