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Welcome to the August 24, 2012 (part three) edition of parenting link roundup.

Abby Nelson presents Nanny Classifieds » How Busy is Too Busy for Your Kids? posted at Nanny Classifieds, saying, “Parents usually start feeling pressure to put their kids into an activity when they are around the age of 3. Other parents may ask what sport a child is into or what classes they are taking, and that’s often enough for a parent to reevaluate her choices of activities.”

Roxanne Porter presents 7 Tips for Creating a Safe Sleep Space posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, “Babies spend the majority of their first months of life in their sleep space. Considering that babies are typically sleeping while in their cribs or bassinets – and for the longest stretches of time it’s when mom and dad are also sleeping – it’s safe to say that the time that they do spend in their sleep space is largely unsupervised.”

Paul Taylor presents 10 Uses for Baby Wipes Other than What They Were Intended For posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, “Baby wipes have to be one of the best inventions ever.”

Debbie Denard presents 5 Things Facebook Will Tell You About Your Nanny That She May Not posted at Nanny, saying, “When choosing a childcare provider, gathering as much information as possible about a nanny candidate can help you to make an educated and informed hiring decision.”

Mike Mancini presents Youth Sports Parents – The Golden Rules posted at Athletic Training Now, saying, “Suggestions for parents of kids involved in sports.”

Hannah Anderson presents Preventing Nursemaid’s Elbow posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, “Nursemaid’s elbow, also commonly known as pulled elbow or its medical term, radial head subluxation, is a common childhood injury typically affecting children who are between the ages of 1 and 4.”

Suzanne Cullen presents Au Pair » 10 Ways to Incorporate More Whole Foods into Your Family’s Diet posted at aupair.org, saying, “If you are trying to eat healthier, one way you can do so is by consuming more whole foods. By eating more whole foods you are helping to strengthen your body’s immune system”

Theresa Torres presents Is Your Child Ready to Have a Pet? – Mom Blog Society-Connect With Mom Bloggers From Around The World posted at Mom Blog Society, saying, “Before deciding to bring a new pet into your family, it’s important that you first ask yourself these questions. Taking this step will ensure that your child will have a positive experience with his or her new pet.”

Kathleen Crislip presents 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Stroller posted at Nanny Care, saying, “When it comes to choosing a stroller for your baby it’s important that you do your homework, as a stroller is one of the most expensive baby gear investments you’ll make. Many parents end up purchasing several styles and models of strollers because after their purchase they realize that the stroller didn’t quite meet their needs or expectations.”

Sara Dawkins presents Reasons for Your Nanny to Accompany You to the Pediatrician’s Office posted at NannyPro.com, saying, “Navigating the complex and sometimes tense relationship between yourself and your nanny can be one of the most difficult aspects of opting for private in-home care.”

Lindsay Samuels presents 10 Nanny Interview Questions About Their Personality posted at Nanny Background Check, saying, “When you hire a nanny, in many cases you are hiring someone who will eventually become a person who is regarded as an extended family member.”

Kathy Simmons presents 10 Volunteer Activities That Are Hard for Nannies to Participate In | Nanny Services posted at Nanny Services, saying, “Volunteer work is an important aspect of many people’s lives; however, there are some careers that inevitably affect a person’s availability and inclination to volunteer within certain fields.”

Emma Roberts presents 10 Great Ways to Teach Children How to Swim posted at Summer Nanny, saying, “Passing on our hard-earned knowledge to our children is one of the greatest parts of being a parent or a caregiver. For many, teaching the skill of swimming is one of the most challenging and rewarding of those tasks.”

Carol Watson         presents Medication Administration Guidelines for Nannies posted at National Nannies, saying, “During your career as a nanny, there will be times when you may have to administer medication to your charges. Whether you’re treating a chronic condition that requires daily dosage or the occasional illness that can be battled with over-the-counter meds.”

Jacqui Barrie presents 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Homeschooling posted at Aupair Jobs, saying, “Homeschooling has become such a popular schooling option that it’s starting to become accepted as a mainstream form of education.”

Amritorupa Kanjilal presents Seven Things All Parents Must Discuss With Their Children | The Bea’s Knees posted at The Bea’s Knees: Health & Living, saying, “Seven topics parents should find the time to discuss with and explain to their kids”

 Kaitlyn Johnson presents 10 Tips for Preventing SIDS posted at Newborn Care, saying, “SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, kills one out of every 2,000 babies. Over the past decade the occurrences of SIDS has dropped dramatically in half, due largely to the push to educate parents to put their babies to sleep on their backs.”

Tina Marconi presents Reasons to Hire a Babysitter When Entertaining at Home posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, “Throwing the perfect soiree is a source of pride for many adults, and one that doesn’t have to be forfeited in the name of parenthood. Whether you’re planning a swanky dinner party, a small, casual gathering, or a huge holiday bash for the extended family, there are definitely perks to securing the services of a professional childcare provider.”

purple asterJessica Jackson presents 10 Kid Safe Homemade Cleaning Products posted at Summer Nanny Jobs, saying, “If you are interested in going green and keeping your kids safe from caustic cleaning products, making your own homemade cleaning products provides a viable, cost-effective solution. Not only will your kids’ thank you, but your planet will thank you as well, as all of these cleaning products are safe for the environment.”

Meghan Welker presents 10 Classic Books to Read with Your Child posted at Babysitting, saying, “Reading with your child is an enjoyable activity that many parents love to do with their kids, and according to the U.S. Department of Education is one worth doing often”

Sophie Leake presents 10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preschool posted at Au Pair Care, saying, “The first day of preschool is usually an exciting milestone, but it can also be a stressful one for both you and your child. One of the most effective ways to combat separation anxiety and other stressors is to begin preparations as early as possible.”

Molly Cunningham presents How to Select a Pediatrician posted at Live-In Nanny, saying, “There is much to consider when you start the search for your child’s pediatrician, and, if possible, you should start your search before you give birth.”

Channy kay presents The life of a modern parent: The secret shame of a modern parent… posted at The life of a modern parent, saying, “hilarious!”

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