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I was contacted recently by Monica Blas, the author of the new book Uppity Owl. This eBook is scheduled to release on October 1 (that’s next week!).

Uppity Owl is a super cute book about a little owl who uses found objects to make treasures for others and himself. The artwork in the book is warm and inviting. Very pleasing!

Here’s what Monica has to say about the Uppity Owl website:

In a nutshell, Uppity Owl is all about living a greener life. It’s about creativity that benefits our earth, educating ourselves to think more critically about our environmental issues, living sustainably and how to be more responsible consumers.

What I hope Uppity Owl will be to you is a place where one can get easy upcycling ideas for kids crafts, sustainable practices for green living at home, educational tools to teach with and of course, a place where kids can enjoy more of Uppity Owl.

Check it out for yourself!

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