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When dealing with learning disabilities in children it often comes down to the issue of how doing good in life is more important than momentary successes at school. The idea is not to undermine the significance of schooling and education. But education can go beyond just numbers and letters.  It is to emphasize that succeeding in life takes more than just good grades and how as parents and teachers you can contribute to real success in your kids’ lives.

Over a series of research practices and studies, children with learning disabilities were monitored into their adulthood and four major life success factors were identified. These were those attributes or characteristics in the life of these children that made them stand proud amongst their peers and have a sense of self worth in life.

But the one thing that they all had in common was they had defined what success meant to them and they worked on getting there. Other than this, there were the success factors.

Keep reading to know what these life success factors are:

  • 1.Self-awareness and self-confidence: Self-awareness is the first step to building self-confidence. Here are few tips that you can use:
  • The child should be aware of what his strengths and weaknesses are. Help your child develop their passion, as success in one genre will motivate to work harder in other fields too.
  • As parents discuss your strengths and exemplify how you built on them. Give your kids real life success stories of adults with learning disabilities.
  • To make your kids feel confident, start small when you are doing activities. Don’t let them win all the time but let them build a sense of achievement by accomplishing tasks that you set them. As they improve, increase the difficulty level of the game or the task. This will slowly build their self-confidence.
  • 2. Proactive and pre-emptive behavior: Teach your kid to think for themselves. Ask them what they want for dinner or what they feel the family should have for dinner. Give them the responsibility to complete the task and let them free. This will make them think and plan. It is a great idea to discuss various problems and their possible solutions with your children and then as your child to imagine to be in a situation and ask them for a solution.
  • 3. Perseverance: There really is no substitute for this. Persistence is the key to all success. Your kid might falter, fail and hurt themselves. But don’t let them give up and you too don’t give up. Persist. Keep at it even if you have to restart ABC learning every second day.
  • 4. Goal setting: Whether it is learning reading or playing monopoly, let your kids set their own goals. It might be silly but that’s how they learn. Discuss your own goals and celebrate with your kid when you get something done. Keep the goals flexible, adjust and adapt as per the demand of the situation.

These are the life success factors. But there might be more, each to his own individual experience. Just give them your time, love and affection. There’s no reason why they should not do well in life.

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