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Selecting a college for your child can be a stressful decision of a lifetime. The choice of college is critical to your child’s future life.  It determines the career opportunities your child will benefit from and other affairs in the same breadth. As a parent or guardian, you have the responsibility of helping your child make this easy by helping with the selection. Here are tips to help you.

Help them with the research
The first stage of searching for a college is searching. This will depend on the personality of the child, preferences and goals. For example, what state they want to study in, what course they want to study, private or public university, etc. Asking your child questions around these should enable them make the search easy. This is because, once you have an idea of what your child hopes to study and where helps you give them what they want. In the long term, it’s hard for them to blame you if they make wrong choices. This will boost their performance and contentment.

Help them narrow the search
After the above questions have been answered and you have a specific basis for choice, narrowing down is the next step. Basically, this is narrowing down to specific schools that are in line with the parameters you came up with in the start. The crucial parameters are education, social and financial needs and individual wants. The more in line with your needs the college is, the better it is for your effort and child’s needs.

Help them with the final decision
After you have narrowed down to a number, your focus should shift to the specific college of choice. For many children, this is the ultimate. This is especially so, if your child has more than one acceptance letter. A college tour can help you make the decision. You need to investigate the demographics, graduation rates, professor credentials, internship opportunities and other pieces of information to make the best choice.

All in all, when it boils down to what one wants, let your child state what they want clearly. Just steer clear of the temptation to make the decision for them.

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