Reasons Why You Should Have Your Child Play Team Sports

Corporations are on the look out for team players to handle prestigious projects as they are well aware that working as a team has immense benefits when it comes to reaching the target within deadlines. Enrolling kids in team sports has become a fad these days, but it is not without its benefits. Though parents are aware of the stiff competition that prevails in team sports to rise to the top, still they are prepared for the worst keeping in mind the advantages that come with it. There is lot more that can be learnt on the field than in a classroom. Coaches are better teachers who can educate kids on the life values and life skills.

Advantages of team sports
Children who are part of sports team can develop a good relationship with co-players. Leadership qualities are at its best for a team player. While in a team each player respects the feelings of others and gives them their space. In a team game being indifferent can only lead to defeat. Social interaction skills are at its best for team players. They are goal oriented and do not get distracted easily, leading them to patience and persistence. Team sports help to get rid of shyness and make your child sociable.

Induces value system
First hand experience on the field is more valuable that the value education you get in the class room. In a team sport nothing comes easy and the player learns to respect the coach, team players and peers. This experience can be translated into the work atmosphere and that is why team players stick to a job longer. Team sports teach perseverance. Not always a team wins and this can help children overcome disappointments by making them more prepared for the next event. The determination and willpower of team players are higher. This can help them sail through the toughest hurdles.

Better physique
If you want to bid goodbye to obesity issues then team sports is the best alternative. Enroll your child in any team sport, football, baseball, hockey, etc and let them sweat out their calories. This is the best way to keep them fit and at the same time learn a new skill.

Boost self esteem
Team players are well aware of their strengths and weakness and it can imbibe greater confidence in them. At a young age learning the benefits of working as a team can go a long way in the future. Team sports can give courage to your child to work towards any goal. With better appearance and confidence the self esteem of your child is always on the high.

Time management skills
The sports field teaches better time management skills. Since all the sports are time controlled a player has to complete his task within the time limit to make it to the podium. Similarly children who are involved in sports learn to manage time between sports and school, this can be put into practice in the future where they may have to deal between work and family.

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This article is written by Danny Duric. He is a fitness instructor and a part time blogger from Austalia. He is writing articles on behalf of Soul Sports a netball uniforms supplier from Australia.

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who want their kids to be team players.

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5 Responses to “Reasons Why You Should Have Your Child Play Team Sports”

  1. I agree team play can make a child sociable, healthy, confident on their strengths, and better time management skills. What team sports for children is best for them to play?

  2. Danny says:

    It depends on many factors. Some of them are the body type, enthusiasm etc.. I would suggest to expose them to variety of sports and see what they like the most.

  3. Our children love sport. We try to have each child participating in a sport every season. So many children are getting obese today, so it is very important to be encouraging and supportive of children participating in sport.

  4. Group performance were superior to individual performances with regard to number of questions needed, number of failures, and elapsed time per problem. Groups of four were superior to groups of two only in the number successful solutions in social interaction.

    • Amy LeForge says:

      Interesting piece of information there! So what you’re saying is that children working in groups helps their social interaction?

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