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Search back through your childhood memories and you’ll probably come across several board games, card games and other types of games that were so fun and exciting that they stick with you today. Many of these games are still enjoyed by kids today, and many of them are available online. Not only does this give you instant access, but it makes the whole experience even more fun and relaxing.

Family Feud
Family Feud is a favorite for people of all ages. It’s tons of fun to play, but unless you snagged an appearance for your family, you probably never truly got a chance to play. It most often airs during the day time, so unless you took a sick day, you only got to watch it occasionally.

Lucky for us, we live in the era of technology. This family favorite is now available for online play and you don’t even have to submit your family and cross your fingers for a spot. You can share the fun of this timeless classic instantaneously.

Connect Four
connect 4 game

On of the best things about Connect 4 is that you can play it at practically any age. Younger kids build strong cognitive skills playing with each other or with adults. Older children and adults can easily challenge each other and try to stump their opponent.

However, as with many classic games, Connect 4 comes with a multitude of parts that can easily go missing. Once again, it’s the Internet to the rescue. You can share this brain building game with your children online and get all the enjoyment with none of the missing pieces.

bingo board

Bingo isn’t just for churches or senior citizens; it has long attracted the attention of children all over the world. Different versions of bingo are played all over. These versions range from the traditional style with numbers and letters, to ones that include pictures, colors or other designs on the card.

With so many versions of bingo still around you’ll be hearing children yell “BINGO” for years to come! When you play Bingo with your kids online, you have access to all the different and fun twists on this time-tested favorite.

Card Games

several hands holding cards in game
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There are so many great card games like Hearts and Spades. However, little hands can have a difficult time keeping track of all of the cards. Children today can play card games online and not feel at a disadvantage because of their size. They can get in on the fun as much as older kids and adults.


monopoly board Monopoly is a true classic and has seen many incarnations over the years. They’ve even come out with Pokemon and Batman editions. It’s a game that the entire family can enjoy…except for the long set-up and how easy it is to lose pieces. If you’ve ever stepped on a hotel barefoot, it can also be painful.
Playing Monopoly online has done away with all the set-up time. It’s easy to start a multi-player game and enjoy it from start to finish without having to watch out for all of the game parts. You can take game night virtual and your kids can still develop a fondness for old Uncle Moneybags.

Times may have changed, but the thrill of playing some of these classic, old fashioned games still continues for children today. Children all over the world continue to love playing these classic board games and card games, and will continue to play them for years to come.

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