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Okay, so technically we’re in January of 2013. But this was supposed to go live last week, so I’m titling it accordingly and will be more on time for the truly January post later this month. 🙂 Because late is better than never, right?

Welcome to the December 28, 2012 edition of parenting link roundup. Denise Thompson presents 10 Concerns About Putting Kids on a Diet to Consider posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, “The numbers concerning childhood obesity in America are sobering, and parents across the country are responding to the crisis in various ways, including enrolling kids in sports programs, encouraging physical exercise, and putting their children on diets.”

Lynda Albertson presents 5 Candy Cane Ornaments that You Can Make With Kids posted at Nanny Babysitter, saying, “During the holiday season candy canes tend to make a dominate appearance in the candy aisle, and are a traditional holiday treat.”

Jocelyn Scott presents How to Monitor Your Nanny Without a Nanny Cam posted at Nanny Background Check, saying, “Entrusting the health and well-being of your children into the care of a relative stranger is difficult, regardless of how great her references are and how glowing her recommendations may be.”

Janet Golovine presents 10 Things Moms Like to Save Through the Years posted at Become A Nanny, saying, “Even the most dedicated de-clutterers have a box or a container stashed somewhere that’s housing mementos and keepsakes from their children’s early years that they aren’t yet ready to part with.”

 Kaitlyn Johnson presents 10 iPhone Apps for Managing Baby’s Schedule | Newborn Care posted at Newborn Care, saying, “When you become a parent, it can seem like your entire schedule shifts to accommodate the one set by your precious new bundle of joy.”

Maryanne Williams presents 10 Tips for Teaching Kids to Ride a Bike posted at Share a Nanny, saying, “Teaching your child to ride a bike can be either a fun or a frustrating experience, depending on how you approach tackling the task.”

Dan Robinson presents 10 Reasons Kids Actually Can Learn New Languages Faster posted at Aupair Jobs, saying, “Many parents introduce their children to a new language at an early age, and for good reason.”

Teri Jones presents 10 Good Ways to Teach Kids to Deal with Insults posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, “Kids can be cruel. Name-calling, jokes and teasing are all weapons of choice in the arsenals used in the playground war of words.”

David Leonhardt presents A Walk in the Woods – saving money and getting fit posted at Self-Help Happiness Blog, saying, “One thing about being a parent is the incredible array of expensive things children can ask to do, such as theme parks, go-carts, movies, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, etc. But there are still plenty of old-fashioned freebies that don’t cost an entry fee plus a round of four-dollar drinks, such as the traditional walk in the wood.”

Kate B presents Attachment Parenting, Not Just for Hippies Anymore! | posted at The Sass Mama, saying, “This is my article about “Attachment Parenting”.

Sharon Moore presents What Nannies Need To Know When Relocating For A Job posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, “In today’s market, many nannies are considering moving to a new city to find a job that pays a higher rate and offers a competitive benefits package”

Jim Wilson presents Top 10 Christmas Carols Kids Should Learn | Babysitters posted at Babysitters, saying, “Christmas carols are a cornerstone of the holiday season, and hearing your favorite jingle can instantly fill you with holiday cheer. Everyone has their own personal favorite, and your kids will likely find themselves smitten with their own favorite songs. Whether you’re just starting to teach your kids different carols or trying to put together a medley so that you can go caroling around the neighborhood this year, there is no shortage of songs to choose from.”

Carter White presents 10 Safety Concerns for Parents Installing a Trampoline posted at Babysitting, saying, “The trampoline is a backyard fixture for many American families; however, their popularity doesn’t mean that they’re completely safe. For parents that are considering giving in to the begging, pleading and bargaining from their kids by getting them a trampoline, here are a few things to think about.”

Zhu presents Baby Shopping: From “Aww So Cute” To “What On Earth Is That?” | Correr Es Mi Destino posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, “One day in August I woke up in the mid­dle of the night and decided it was time for me to buy some baby stuff, because it was actu­ally happening—the baby would be there soonish. The only prob­lem was, I didn’t know where to start. What should I buy? Where should I buy it?”

Cherry Liu presents How to Pack for a Move posted at House Sitting Jobs, saying, “Making a move is difficult and stressful for every member of the family, whether you are moving across town or to the other side of the country. By keeping a few tips in mind while you’re packing, though, you can help minimize some of the stress that comes with moving for everyone involved, and make the entire process a little bit easier.”

Layla Martinez presents What Should a Mom Do When She Feels Jealous of Her Nanny? posted at Live-In Nanny, saying, “Placing your children in the care of a nanny comes with a common, but largely unexpected side effect: nanny envy.”

Go Green Travel Green presents Children Flying Alone: What Every Parent Should Know posted at Go Green Travel Green, saying, “The holiday season is a busy one for air travel, including children flying alone. November to January sees the highest number of unaccompanied minors as kids travel to visit parents and other relatives. Recently, our 11-year-old son Calvin flew alone on Alaska Airlines when he traveled from a Portland, Oregon soccer tournament to join us for a family vacation in Orange County, California. What could have been a stressful process was made easy by remembering these tips.”

Kaylee Adams presents How to Find Back-Up Care When Your Nanny is Sick posted at Find A Nanny, saying, “After weighing your childcare options, you’ve decided to hire a nanny. You may be wondering however, what you’ll do in the event that your nanny becomes sick and is unable to show up for work. While the reality is that nannies, like anyone else, may end up with a stomach bug or other illness that prevents them from working, most seasoned nannies can count on one hand how often they’ve called into work sick over the course of their career.”

Arianna Lee presents 10 Surprises No Kid Gets Tired of Getting posted at Part Time Nanny, saying, “It’s no secret that kids love getting surprises. Large or small, unexpected and pleasant events are sure to put a smile on any little one’s face. There are also some surprises that, no matter how often they happen, never lose their power to delight a child; here are 10 of them:”

Caleb Hill presents What To Look For In A Nanny Family posted at Nanny Classifieds, saying, “Finding the right family to work for isn’t a small task for a nanny to accomplish. It requires looking at several different factors that contribute to making a potential job a successful fit.”

Kevin Giffin presents 10 Ghost Towns Kids Love to Visit posted at Summer Nanny, saying, “All across the country there are ghost towns that have various degrees of spookiness related to them, and many kids love visiting these places and letting their imaginations run wild. If you’re looking for something different to do with the kids, why not visit one of the ghost towns for a thrill.”

Rick Villa presents Party Invitations for Children | Personalized Stationery Blog – Gifts In 24 posted at Personalized Stationery Blog – Gifts In 24.

Arabella Brown presents 5 Ways to Get Your Nanny to Hate You | Nanny Services posted at Nanny Services, saying, “While the likelihood of you wanting your nanny to hate you is slim to none, if you’ve been wondering what it would take to make your nanny’s blood boil and walk out the door, never to return, take note.”

MITCHELL MORRIS presents 10 Ways Nannies Can Foster a Love of Reading in Their Charges posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, “The cornerstone of a good education and strong academic performance is having strong reading and comprehension skills. Children who have learned to love reading may be able to grasp other basic skills earlier and with less trouble than those who have not. In the interest of creating a generation of high academic achievers.”

Shelby Martin presents 8 Ways to Help a New Nursing Mom Return to Work posted at GoNannies.com Blog.

Laura Anderson presents My Nanny Gave Notice, Now What? posted at eNannySource, saying, “In a perfect world, nannies would stay with their work family until the children outgrew the need for childcare, and parents and nannies would plan for the nanny’s departure as they would for any other essential childhood milestone.”

Robert Locke presents Problem Kids Blog: My 3 Top Ways To Treat ADHD posted at Problem Kids Blog, saying, “Why do we have to rely solely on ADHD psychostimulant drugs to help our kids manage their ADHD? This post outlines what are my 3 top ways to treat ADHD and the ADHD meds are not even on the list!”

Steve Jackson presents 10 Lessons Children Can Learn From Doing Household Chores posted at Housekeeping, saying, “When little hands struggle to complete their chores with the degree of skill that an adult possesses, it can be tempting for parents and caregivers to simply do the work themselves in the interest of saving time. There is, however, a wide array of benefits that children can reap from completing household chores.”

Arabella Brown presents 10 Reasons Why a Nanny Might Leave Mid-Contract | Nanny Service posted at Nanny Service, saying, “Wading through piles of resumes to find the perfect nanny can be frustrating, and that frustration can be exponentially increased if the selected candidate chooses to leave her post in the middle of her contract.”

Diego Brown presents 7 Ways Every Child Can Benefit From Music Lessons posted at National Nannies, saying, “As public school systems slash budgets and eliminate musical education programs around the country, more and more parents are forced to find private musical instruction for their children. For parents who aren’t sure if the benefits of musical lessons justify the added expense and hassle, here are seven of the scientifically-proven benefits of music education.”

Brittany Martin presents 10 Things to Look For During Your Nanny’s Trial Period posted at Nanny Interview Questions, saying, “Many families who engage a private in-home childcare provider opt to include a probationary “trial period” in their written nanny contract in order to ensure that she’ll be a good fit with the household and can perform her duties as agreed upon. If you’ve decided to take this approach to the hiring process, there are several things you should consider at the end of this trial period before making a decision regarding the continuation of the contract.”

Kevin Thompson presents 10 Reasons Why Parents Might End a Nanny Contract Early posted at Nanny Needed, saying, “After braving the battlefield that is hiring a new nanny, it’s hard to imagine asking your nanny to leave before her contract is completed. There are, however, many reasons why it can become necessary to do so. For nannies embarking on a new post or those who are presently in one, consider these 10 reasons why parents may opt to end a nanny contract earlier than planned.”

Channy kay presents The life of a modern parent: Top five tips for surviving in a play-centre posted at The life of a modern parent, saying, “Funny post about surviving in a playcentre from someone with plenty of experience!”

Jonathan Grant presents What is Wisdom? posted at Questions & Answers About Life, saying, “We are rewarding our kids for obeying without understanding. This erases their natural instinct for innovation and prevents them from becoming the wise adults they were made to be.”

David Leonhardt presents Children of Connecticut (lyrics) posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “As a parent, I was shocked by the killing spree in Connecticut last week. For Wordy Wednesday, I was moved to write the lyrics below.”

Please note: submissions for the January, 2013 edition of Parenting Link Roundup will need to be based on our monthly theme, which is health and fitness.

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