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One of the super awesome things about having a blog is all the people who write in and share wonderful resources. I have been woefully behind on posting some of this, so expect some regular updates from here on out. (No, that is not a new year’s resolution. If I did that, then I’d break it super quick. This is instead, a hopefully permanent change.)

FreeFlys.com is a site that lets you get free samples of items, even national brand items. They do ask you to sign up, but you do NOT need to give them a credit card number, and you also do not have to pay shipping for the items. That’s a breath of fresh air right there!

One suggestion: get a new email address to use for this endeavor, so that you’re not overwhelmed with the inevitable newsletters and advertisements you’ll get in future. That keeps things separate and manageable. Free samples are indeed a great way to help manage your budget. They meet a small need easily, and help you decide whether to continue with a particular brand long-term.

There’s not much more frustrating than buying something and then hating it so much you have to throw it out and waste all that money. Or use it until it’s gone, just to save the cash but experience routine annoyance. I am currently working my way through a tube of toothpaste just that way. The taste is so strong that I use the tiniest bit of paste each time I brush. I’m going to have this tube for a loooooooooong time. Ugh.

So enjoy FreeFlys, and many thanks to Mike for sharing the site with me!

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