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Attending a boarding school can give a child several advantages compared to a public school.  The education, athletics, and activities all make up an experience that is difficult to duplicate.

1) No Pressure

While a public school tends to organize cliques and social groups, the atmosphere of boarding schools is quite different.  Not only is it fashionable to be smart, but bullying and hazing are rigidly weeded out by teachers and leaders.

2) Responsibility

The road to maturity cannot be taught, it can only be learned.  Any boarding school has its own philosophy and code of conduct, keeping students responsible for their conduct, discipline, and work ethic.  The community is held to be more important than the individual and students behave as their tenants of honor dictate.

3) Teachers Who Care

The hiring process of boarding schools targets those who are passionate about what they teach.  Only instructors who truly want to communicate with students are given the green light.  What’s more, they are not bound by specific subject material and have greater leeway for instruction.

4) Recreation

PE class is never a tenant of boarding schools.  Instead, a great amount of pride is placed in the school’s sporting activities.  Instead of basic basketball and football, students are encouraged to explore other activities like handball, crew rowing, and even jai alai.  Quality facilities are par for the course.

5) Spirit and Mind

Just like they instruct in physical well-being, a boarding school educates its pupils in aspects of cultural well-being.  If you have an interest in art, music, theater, and so on, you can be sure to find instructors who share your passion and who encourage you to pursue your talents.  The programs facilitate more productions and more exhibitions for those who want to show off their abilities.

6) Live On Your Own

Becoming an adult involves getting away from the comforts of home.  This is an adjustment, to be sure, but being able to survive away from a parent’s pandering greatly increases character and motivation.  Since boarding schools require students to live on campus, they are responsible for their own well-being.

7) Pressure Makes Diamonds

The workload in a boarding school is immense compared to a public school.  Since the expectation is that every student will be able to not only be admitted to college but also succeed, they are pushed hard in each subject.

8) Get Attention

While the subject matter is difficult, the teachers give better classes because they instruct only ten to fifteen at a time.  This ratio gives more time for explanation and one-on-one mentoring.

9) The Goal Is Set

Every classmate you have in boarding schools all want the same thing: to get into a good college.  Nobody came to slack or to take time off.  The mutual motivation provided goes a long way.

10) Make Friends

The atmosphere of a boarding school can easily create friends for life.  The shared experiences, the highs and lows, and the class camaraderie are unparalleled in comparison to public schools.

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