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There are literally millions and millions of apps on the market, so when one comes along that looks useful, I like to tell you about it. One such app is ReMined, a personal visualizing and goal-setting tool that has wonderful applications for parents.

ReMined is pretty straightforward. Take a picture of an item you want, set its priority and input a date by which you want to have it. Add a note about your goal, and ReMined will keep track of that. You can get reminders about your goal.

I downloaded and tried out the lite version of ReMined, which keeps track of up to 5 mines. The paid version of the app (99 cents USD) allows for unlimited mines. There are a couple of features I would love to see in this app, at least in the paid version. It doesn’t allow you to rotate the screen and have a larger keyboard, which is important to those of us growing more and more decrepit by the day. Also, it’d be neat to set a goal and allow for regular reminders more than just once ten days prior to the goal date. If for example I was saving up monthly, it’d be nice to have the app remind me monthly until I got all of the money for my desired item.

It’s possible to simply set the savings goals, each as an individual item. But it’s more work that way. It is a great way for kids to be motivated towards saving up or earning a reward. Check it out for yourself!

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FTC Disclosure: I downloaded the lite version of this app to try, which is free for everyone.