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college campus buildingsSo….college. It looms before us. You feeling that way? Yet?

Now that the older boys are 14, college-or at least post-high-school training-is a regular topic. We’ve talked about costs and locations, and have a couple of general plans in mind. It is ultimately up to the boys and how they fare in school as well as what they choose to do for a career. We are encouraging them to take a Gap Year, so we’ve potentially got extra time for this decision. But as they progress, we need to have a good way to research and evaluate the possibilities.

Enter the ChooseACollege eBook from Rasmussen College. This super handy guide is 31 pages long, and is jam packed with helpful tips. Seriously. I think there are at least 50 helpful tips scattered through the text. The book discusses 3 main possibilities: the traditional 4-year school, the career focused secondary school, and the cost effective community college. After showing the advantages, features, and disadvantages of each (backed up with a lot of studies from different sources), the book has a concise checklist at the end to help you through the college-choosing process.

Since it was written by Rasmussen, the book of course highlights all of that school’s features in the checklist. This is helpful though, as it gives you a benchmark for comparison and allows you to learn more about that particular school. Overall this book seemed to me to be very fair and gave me plenty to think about for the boys. Did you know, for example, that over 90% of employers interviewed in one study think that a job candidate should have been an intern somewhere? I had no idea.

If you’ve got kids headed to college, this book could be very helpful. Enjoy!

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