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I’m a HUGE fan of the Boy Scouts; my boys have been involved for years and I expect to have 4 Eagle Scouts in the family in the next 5 or 6 years. That said, there is a new kind of scout opportunity available to kids and it’s called Hacker Scouting. No, we’re not raising up a generation of computer criminals. Hacker Scouting is all about using technology and learning DIY (Do It Yourself) skills for kids. I see it as a neat complement to what the Boy Scouts are doing. Their focus is more on outdoor skills although they have a super comprehensive set of learning opportunities in hacker areas as well. If the camping/outdoor/survival theme doesn’t fit your child then perhaps Hacker Scouting will.

Forget Boy Scouts, Here Come Hacker Scouts

Thanks to BackgroundCheck.org for the information.