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I was contacted a while back by Luke Nolan, one of the creators of the terrific children’s poetry book titled 1, 2, & Sometimes 3.  The book was written by Luke and Benjamin Nolan, and illustrated by Theodore Adams.  Here’s what the authors have to say about the book:

Relive your childhood while experiencing the BEAUTY of poetry! Our poems and illustrations were designed to make young and old smile, laugh, reminisce and FEEL! Back to a time when we questioned everything and wondered why the world is the way it is. Back to a time when we were brutally honest, super silly, and allowed our imagination to run free.

1, 2, and Sometimes 3 is a collection of poetry written from the point of view of a young child. This perspective is WONDERFUL because at that time in our lives, we had more similarities than differences and shared so many of the same experiences. Both children and adults will be entertained and enlightened as they read through these poems that remind us of life lessons and experiences. Poetry is an excellent medium to get children excited about reading. It introduces them to the music and flow of words that other literature simply cannot do.

Luke informs me that there are 135 poems in the book (I read them ALL), and that all three contributors grew up reading the poetry of Shel Silverstein and hope to pay homage to him with this book. I definitely saw that influence in this collection.

These poems are humorous, creative, irreverent, and fun. I enjoyed reading them, and when I laughed out loud the younger boys insisted I share what I was reading, which was super easy. The words just trip right off your tongue.

Also, for every 10 books ordered, 1 copy is donated to a children’s hospital. I think that’s wonderful.

You can get your own copy of 1, 2, & Sometimes 3 on Amazon.com in paperback form or in the Kindle edition.

You can also get a free preview of the poems.

One of my favorites is the Backwards Poem. Let me know if you love it too!

FTC Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book to review. All opinions are my own, and I think you should buy it. The links in this post are NOT affiliate links, meaning that I do not profit if you click on them.