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As parents, one of our most important jobs is to keep kids safe. Granted, there’s no way to cover every possibility, but there is a new way to keep them safe if they’re outdoors at night.

It doesn’t matter how skilled a driver may be; when it’s dark out it’s harder to see pedestrians. Almost two-thirds of pedestrian fatalities occur in poor lighting. Whether a child is on foot, bicycle, or a skateboard, they’re not clearly visible to traffic at night.

I was very impressed to see that there’s a simple, inexpensive, and convenient solution available. Safees reflectors can increase the visibility of an individual by 300 percent or more. Safees hard prism reflectors are attached with a clip on spiral at knee or thigh height. By letting the Safees swing freely, facing traffic, it will reflect oncoming cars’ headlights and increase visibility, alerting drivers to a child’s or pedestrian’s presence on the road and giving drivers more time to stop or steer clear and thus avoiding accidents.

See for yourself:

At $4.95 apiece, attaching one to your child seems like a no brainer to me. There are 15 different shapes and multiple colors available for each shape. My boys don’t have much reason to be out at night, but I would certainly clip one of these on them if they were. Or even myself, should I have reason to be out along the road at night.

Plus, who doesn’t like to have their very own sparkly?


FTC disclosure: I did not receive any product or compensation for this review. I was super impressed by the video and wanted to share. I do not earn anything if you buy the product.