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One of the bigger struggles of early parenting was getting the boys to read. They can do it just fine, but do not have a love of story the way I did growing up. It’s something I have decided not to worry about; I do think they’re missing out. But hey, everyone is wired differently, right? When I was little, a consequence for misbehavior was “Go to your room, and don’t read any books!”.

I got to review a cute book called Stuart the Bug Eating Man, by Calvin Innes recently. This book is perfect for kids age 7 and up. Stuart is a man who has a rather unusual habit: he loves to eat bugs of all kinds. His family didn’t really appreciate the habit (I wouldn’t either!) and it leads to some difficulty. Fortunately, Stuart finds a unique way to solve all of his problems.



In addition to the fun rhyming text, Stuart the Bug Eating Man has compelling illustrations. Calvin Innes is both an author and an illustrator. He also contributed to the book Gorgeous George & the Giant Geriatric Generator, for example.

If your kid likes to read funny things like eating bugs (shudder) than this book is definitely for you!

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FTC Disclosure: I got a free copy of this book in .pdf format in order to write this review. All opinions are my own.