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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CLR for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo Jelmar|WeCleanMoreThanYouThink-Home_zpsc4d6b490.jpg So, yea.  Cleaning.  Do you like it?  I like the results, but don't always love the work.  Because wow.  4 boys and a husband can make for a lot of clean-up work.  

And then there are the hard water issues.  Oh.  I mean rusty hard water.  Ugh.  

At least it's not as bad as my parents' water was.  Their shower was blue, but it would get coated with so much rust that much of it was a deep red color.  I used to get into my swimsuit, grab the bottle of CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner, and pour it down the shower wall.  Then I scrubbed.  

Generally speaking, it wasn't horrible, and I was always able to get the shower back to blue.  

I was super glad when they installed a water softener though.  That made the shower a lot nicer.

We have a water softener in our home now, but I still have issues with some hard water deposits and rust occasionally.  Keeping a bottle of CLR around makes the cleaning easier.  Dare I say it's fun?

Less painful.  Let's go with less painful.

Seriously though, it is awfully nice to just spritz or pour on the cleaner and have it do the bulk of the work for me.  CLR is quite powerful and effective.  When my shower head starts to clog, I can soak it for a few minutes and not have the freezing water that's dripping separately ruin my nice hot shower.  It works quickly too: just a 5 or 10 minute soak and my shower head is good as new!

CLR is useful in more than the kitchen and bathroom.  There are outdoor applications, where the water isn't softened.  Stains on the house and garage floor clean right up.  Of course, I do that work in summer.  Wouldn't be so fun to do it now, in the dead of winter.  Brrrr.

I can  use CLR to deal with dirt, soap scum (bwahahahaha…soap scum.  We're assuming my boys use soap!), calcium, lime, and hard water stains.  Interestingly, it has the Environmental Protection Agency's DfE (Design for the Environment) designation, meaning its safer chemistry is not harmful to everyone in the home.  I didn't know that until I had to write this post!  That makes me feel better about all the years spent using this particular cleanser.

Did you know?  CLR is on Twitter now.  You can follow them at @clrcleaners

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