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A Facebook friend posted this morning that her little boys have been throwing up for 8 days now. Yuck. Poor thing. I’m so glad to be past that particular phase in life. Not that we won’t have more sick days in life, but at least I don’t have to watch littles suffer.

Until I have grandchildren.


Note to self: instruct offspring to handle my grandchildren when they’re sick and bring them to me when they’re well.

Ahem. Anyway. Clorox recently launched their WTFlu campaign, (warning to germophobes…this page could be disturbing) complete with a super neat gift pack being sent out to the best #WTFlu tweets.

If you’ve got some good (really?? I used the word “good” in relation to the flu?) flu moments to share, put them on Twitter using the #WTFlu hashtag. And let me know if you won!

FTC Disclosure: I received information about the #WTFlu program and flu prevention tips from Clorox.