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No doubt that the feeling of becoming a parent is one of a kind. It is a sweet sensation that can not merely be described in words. Before the arrival of children in your life it is all about you; there are your ambitions, your dreams, your desires, your likes and your dislikes. But when there are little angel steps in your life, your world takes a rotation of 360 degrees and now it is all about your baby. Along with all the satisfaction and happiness, a big responsibility also arrives in your life and that relates to the upbringing and nourishing of your child.

There can never be two opinions on the point that a child is like clay; it is upon his or her parents, what shape they give to this model. If they carefully devise the personality of their child, then no doubt he can become a confident and vital part of the society, which can prove useful to the nation as well. On the other hand, if there are lapses in the upbringing of a child, then this can lead to his or her personality destruction and he turns into a burden and non-productive part of the society.

Parents need to be very careful while dealing with their young ones because their every single act is producing a lasting image on the mind of their child. Keeping all this in view, the need of good “Parenting Skills” can never be underestimated. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Be a good listener
The way you bring up your children reflects their entire personality. Keep in mind that you are shaping the lives of humans so there are many things where you need to pay attention. First of all, you need to develop patience inside yourself and carefully listen to everything that is said by your child. The main idea here is that you have to convey the message to your child that you really care for him and are always attentive towards his needs. Many times you face difficulty in understanding what your child actually wants. This is because the communication skills of children are often not well developed; here is where your patience is tested and no matter how hard you find it, you will have to overcome this communication gap. You have to control the restlessness and never get angry upon your child because it is not his fault.

Introduction of discipline in your Child`s life
Discipline is the key and fundamental aspect, which needs to be in order to meet the challenges of life. You need to indulge orderliness in the initial years of the life of your child so that it can strongly become adherent to his living standards. You can start by making a proper time table, set time when your child will get up, have breakfast, dinner and lunch, play, study, etc. Make it compulsory for your children to follow the schedule and whenever you see them showing negligence, give them consequences. In this way they will learn the value of time and doing things in an order.

Punishments and Rewards
Obviously, you can’t avoid punishing your children; it is for their own good, but keep in mind that physical punishments are not at all the right strategy. They develop high degree of tolerance in relation to violence inside children. When you find them obedient and doing the right thing it is best to reward them like you can give your child a chocolate bar or some extra time to watch TV.

You need to make them responsible because there is no point of life without understanding the duties that are associated with a person and their importance. You can do this by giving children small tasks like feeding the parrots or let them take care of their schoolbooks by themselves. In this way they will learn to appreciate the assigned duties.

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