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Have you heard of Gombby? I will admit, I hadn’t. But my kids are getting old enough that I need to spend more time keeping up on the latest Hollywood craze than children’s shows. I miss that time.

Gombby’s Green Island is a television program that aired originally in Portugal and is available in Spanish and Portuguese as well as Arabic. I took a look at the Gombby site and was super impressed with the program description. Not only do children ages 3-5 get exposed to values like friendship, unselfishness, and caring for their environment, but they also learn about how plants grow, how bread is made, and there are even story lines that show the characters acquiring technology like phones, radios and computers. It’s quite the comprehensive education!

Gombby has an app available for free in the iTunes store, and you can get it in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. The reviews on it look positive. I wasn’t able to try the app because I don’t have an iPod anymore, and there’s a limit to how much the older boys will let me borrow theirs (I hit that limit a month or so ago). If I did have the correct device, I would certainly try this app out, as it looks like a lot of fun. In addition to all of the games, you can watch Gombby episodes on your Apple device. Pretty darn handy for those of us who don’t live in Portugal. 😉

If you want a quick link to the Gombby app, take a look at it on the Earnest Parenting AppGallery.

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