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Howdy, Heroes! I have been playing with a new app on my phone: Freefall Money. Available on the iTunes and Android platforms, this is a super cute way for kids to learn the math of money by practicing with either US or Euro coins.


There are different games requiring players to identify, group, and add up coins.


In the settings menu, the degree of difficulty can be changed by increasing the number of coins a child has to consider.


When a level has been achieved, the player is rewarded with items to fill and decorate a fish tank. Kids will keep coming back to this learning tool to fill their fish tank with new fish. The more time they spend learning about coins and the math of coins the more fish they will earn.


If you’ve got a child who needs to work on their coins, this app can certainly help. Plus it’s fun! I sat and played with it for waaaaay too long.

And yes, I already know my coins. I still had fun playing with it.

Want to find the app quickly? It’s on the Earnest Parenting AppGallery.

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FTC Disclosure: I was provided with a free app in order to test and review it. I just might play with it further so I can finish filling my fish tank.