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So yea. Style. I’ve never really accomplished much in that department. After a more than slightly awkward youth, I gave up on the whole idea of being stylish right after college. (I think the MC Hammer pants I had were a part of that decision…scary.)

One thing that most moms tend to do is ignore themselves and focus on the children instead. Think about it…would anyone else wear Mom Jeans? Nope. Just moms.

I don’t think I’ve gotten a new coat in about ten years. The one I’ve worn most recently is a lovely shade of deep purple, and I like how big and roomy it is. Wearing lots of layers underneath is very easy.

Looking even remotely like anything other than a purple potato? Not so easy.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to choose a new coat from Free Country. I got the women’s Powder Horn Power Down jacket in a chocolate brown color. Ohhhhhh, is it ever luxurious! And! Stylish. It’s got a pretty slim cut, so I can’t wear 3 sweatshirts underneath it. But I don’t really need to do that, as the coat has been terrifically warm so far. I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it in sub-zero temperatures, but it’s been pretty cold here and I’ve been toasty. Interestingly, I’ve worn the coat indoors and not gotten too terribly hot either. It’s lightweight and comfortable.

The cuffs have a super neat feature: they’re made of super soft fabric called butter pile and has something called hand gaitors. Basically, the cuff is long enough to cover my wrists and there’s a hole to slip my thumb through. I can wear the gaitors and put gloves or mittens on and be completely insulated from the cold.

The jacket also features interior cell phone, music, and basket pockets. The jacket itself is cut longer, which fits my frame well. One of my biggest hassles with clothing is when it’s too short, and this coat is a wonderful length. The only complaint I have about the coat is the logo on the right shoulder. I don’t mind it being there, but it’s a creamy color and I keep noticing it out of the corner of my eye and thinking that I’ve somehow gotten a mess on my coat, or worse: a bird has gotten me. Then I realize what it is and laugh, which may contribute to my reputation as a crazy woman. I don’t know.

Can you tell I love my Free Country coat? I do! If you’re in the market for a winter coat (and now is a great time to shop, because you can often get a really good sale), do check out the site. They also have activewear and swim wear for Men, Women, and kids. Want to check out the products in person before buying? No problem! Free Country products are available in places like Kohl’s, JC Penney, and Sears.

So moms, take a look at the products, and don’t be afraid to get yourself something that makes you smile.

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FTC Disclosure: I received a free coat from Free Country in order to do this review. I love it love it love it.