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For most of us, our family members are the nearest and dearest people in our lives. And for the vast majority, our time is precious. In many families today, both partners must hold down full-time jobs just to keep up with the living expenses. Lifestyles today are more fast-paced than ever before in history, and these busy schedules don’t allow for much free time, let alone quality family time. Quality family time means sharing time together doing something meaningful. It could be something as easy as a family barbecue on a Sunday afternoon. Participating in family day can also be very important to the younger children in the family. Children need attention from their grandparents, parents and siblings alike. This time together as a family also gives children a deeper sense of their own identity, and of where they come from. This can have a very positive effect as children develop and mature.

Having a family day also helps to strengthen the family bond and builds trust between family members. Children in particular learn about trust mainly from their parents, and every time a child completes a task on her or his own, they build self-confidence and gain trust in themselves. The words of support and encouragement that they receive will build self-esteem as well. These are things that children carry with them always; into their teen and adult years too. As children develop into adulthood, having a positive self-image, and a strong belief in one’s own individual abilities becomes more and more vital.

Family day can also be centered around fun and entertaining activities too! Making certain that the family gets together for each members birthday, for example, can be an excellent way to have fun in a positive light. Everybody likes to get recognized on their birthday too. Actually, for the younger children of the family getting a couple close families together and hiring a jumping castle is a great way to spend a day together! The kids are playing and bouncing and having a ball while the parents and other family members can spend time just talking together or preparing a meal. This is also the absolute perfect activity for a family photo opportunity, so that you can remember the day for years to come.

The importance of having a strong family structure, and the positive affect it can have on a child’s life just cannot be stressed enough. As children grow into their teens and progress through middle school, and then on into their high school years, the influences that they face and the choices that they make become much more difficult. These decisions will also have a stronger impact on their future. Knowing that they have a family to talk to, a family that listens, and a family that loves them will make all the difference. Without a doubt, any peer pressure that the child will face during these years will have much less impact on a child that has learned these powerful lessons from home.

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