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The good folks at AppLabs Digital Studios have developed a new game in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund-Phillippines (WWF) that helps kids learn about hazards to endangered marine species. The game allows its users to virtually rescue some endangered sea creatures from a host of treacherous sea hazards such as oil, cyanide, dynamite, PET bottle, and trawl net. For one minute, players need to tap and swipe on at least three of a particular kind of sea hazard. The more hazards you
eliminate, the higher you’ll score.

EnviroPop is a fast-action puzzle game. Here’s what the creators have to say about it:

EnviroPop is an entertaining and educational application which spreads awareness about how we can save the marine life from numerous undersea threats. For one minute, you can help clean the sea by tapping and swiping on three or more hazards across the screen. The more hazards you eliminate, the higher the score you get! Are you ready to tap and swipe your way in this time-pressured addictive puzzle game? It’s time to save your undersea friends!


Available for iOS (Android version coming soon) this game promises to be a great deal of entertainment, all the while alerting users to the dangers that various species face.


Because I don’t have an iPod or the like, I haven’t personally tried out this app. The boys have iPods, but they’ve pretty much run out of patience with me wanting to use their devices to play games.

I guess I’ll have to break down and get myself an iPad or something.

It’s for professional reasons, of course. Heh.

EnviroPop costs 0.99 US, and each sale of the full version results in the proceeds going to WWF-Phillippines marine conservation programs. This app can also be located on the Earnest Parenting AppGallery.

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