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Okay Heroes, do I have a super neat tool for you! If you’re anything like me, you’ve got tons and tons of digital photos, but very few prints. Ever since we got digital cameras, we’ve had digital photos. Getting them developed is a chore I really dislike.

And don’t get me started about trying to figure out how to get images off my cell phone.

I know, I know. I could learn. And to be honest, I have at least learned how to transfer them to Flickr so I have them there. But getting them printed? Waaaaay too much work. There’s a very definite limit to my focus and concentration in life. The result: lots of images stored on hard drives and SD cards.

groovebook-open2That failure to print is why I am SO excited about a new app called Groovebook. Install the app on your phone, upload 100 photos and receive them in the mail a few days later, all printed and bound into a great little book. Pictures are easy to remove if you like. You can print as many copies of an image as you prefer.

Groovebook has a $2.99 monthly subscription fee, which covers the printing and shipping of one book. Want an additional book? No problem! Just pay an additional $2.99 and voila. Printed pictures.

Think about it. You are essentially paying 2.9 cents per print, and they’re shipped to your home. I’m awestruck by the possibilities.

I already signed up and got my first book of photos printed and have received them. So wonderful! The resolution was a little grainy on some shots, but I’m going to experiment with the settings on my phone to see if that makes an improvement in the photos next month.

When I looked at the app in the Google Play store (it’s also available for iOS), there were quite a few 5-star ratings, and also many 1-star reviews. The 1-star reviews seemed to revolve around the app freezing up and not working. I was a little nervous when I clicked to upload and the app looked frozen. It turned out though, that it was working fine. I did have to wait several minutes, but everything worked just fine.

Interested in checking Groovebook out for yourself? Good news! Use the promo code EARNESTPARENTING1 and you can get your first book of 100 photos for free.

Here. See how it works for yourself: