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I got a Keurig coffee maker in the mail today. I exercised my self-discipline for all of 2 hours, then ripped into the box and set it up with the help of The Mercenary. Then we each immediately made a cup of coffee and yummmmmmm. Heavenly!

We had a smaller Keurig about a year ago, and when Hubby and I started making our own lattes at home, I got rid of the Keurig. This was mainly because of the need for counter space, although the cost of the individual coffee pods was also an issue.

I found myself looking longingly at the Keurig pods and accessories often the last several weeks, in part because The Mercenary has developed a taste for coffee and I know this is something he could make and enjoy on his own. It’s cheaper to do the pods (I will get the re-usable accessory very soon) than to make a whole pot of coffee. And then there’s the luxury of it. How fun to make your own gourmet cup of coffee right at home!

The machine we got is the OfficePro B145 single-cup brewing system. I love that it has a 48 oz. reservoir for the water. Our old machine required that I fill it with water every time I wanted to use it. This machine holds enough water to brew several cups, which means that I can keep it on the sideboard in the dining room conveniently. Goodbye counter-space problem! I can store the coffee pods there as well, which doesn’t strain my already-burdened kitchen cabinets. (Note to self: you REALLY have to empty out the kitchen and re-organize it this summer!) Also handy is the ability to brew 3 different amounts of coffee with this machine. A simple turn of the dial and I can choose between 6, 8, and 10 ounces of coffee. Although I have no idea why someone wouldn’t just want the ten ounces. Because coffee. Yum!

I got the machine from Staples.com, which as always has super fast shipping. I’m quite the fan of ordering up things I want and having them shipped. It’s often more cost effective that way, considering the cost of gas. Plus I save so much time when I don’t travel to the stores. We live in a small town, so I have to drive 30 miles or more to get to a large shopping area. Right now, that’s $7-8 in gas and easily 45 minutes one-way. Ouch.

Staples.com also sent me 2 boxes of K-cups. Right now I’m drinking the Coconut Mocha flavor, and plan to try the Hazelnut Iced Coffee version next.

If you want a little luxury of your own, and you love coffee, then you may just like the Keurig yourself. I’ll be enjoying at least one more cup today! Mmmmmmmmm.

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who are considering enjoying coffee with their children. Or teaching their children to make and deliver yummy coffee. I’m just sayin’.

FTC Disclosure: I was provided with a Keurig Coffee System in order to do this review. All opinions are my own. Coffee is yummy. I love the Keurig.