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Hi Heroes. Did you know May is Teacher Appreciation Month? I didn’t know that.

I’m thinking now that my older children owe me about 9 months’ worth of appreciation, given that I was their teacher for 9 years. The younger ones owe me 6 months already.

I will inform them forthwith.

Anyways. To celebrate educators all across the country, Emmy Award-Winning Educational Program Green Screen Adventures has invited your elementary school student to Give Your Teacher A High-Five! UNTIL MAY 14, 2013.

Does your child have an amazing teacher? Please encourage them to honor and acknowledge that teacher with a public high-five.

How to Give Your Teacher A High-Five!:

  • Who: Students from 2nd to 8th grade
  • What: In 40 words or less, students write an explanation of why their teacher deserves a “High-Five,” including the teacher’s name, location, and school. Optionally, students can submit photos and drawings.
  • When: Tuesday, April 16 through Tuesday, May 14
  • Where: Submissions can be made online at http://greenscreenadventures.tv/give-your-teacher-a-high-five/
  • Honors: Five student submissions will be read on-air by one of the actors on Green Screen Adventures on the Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26 shows on Me-TV. Plus, an honor roll of an additional 50 “High-Fives” will be featured on the show!

For more information and guidelines, visit the brand new Green Screen Adventures website at www.greenscreenadventures.tv or check them out on twitter and facebook for upcoming episodes, national coverage on student writers, and other news.

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