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You’ve heard of Skype, right? It’s an online phone service, really. Skype is versatile, allowing for instant message-type conversations, audio and even video conferencing. I’ve used it myself every now and again.

My favorite use of Skype is for family get-togethers. A little over a year ago, we were celebrating Hubby’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. An aunt was very ill and in the hospital, rendering her unable to come to the party. Between Hubby and a couple of amazing people at the hospital, a Skype conversation was set up and Mom and Dad got a great surprise that day.

I didn’t get to hear them talk because I was out in the hall, blubbering.

We’ve also used the service to chat with other distant family members, which is just so special. There’s not much better than connecting with family, especially on holidays. Soldiers deployed in far-off countries also get a chance to see families using Skype. I can’t imagine how torturous it would be to not at least see my kids sometimes.

This video is especially sweet, of a mom and dad who were thousands of miles apart but were able to stay connected via Skype during one of the most important days of their lives. Enjoy!

So sweet.

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