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Mommy, can you please come play with me?
Dad, can you pick me up at 10:00 tonight after the football game?
Mommy, why is your tummy squishy?

With all that goes on in busy parenting, it seems like only the health gurus in our lives make time to really consider the effects of complete nutrition on top of everything else. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult – take it from me. I wasn’t always on the right path, but now I am! Allow me share why I won’t look back and why I’m passionate about helping others.

Why is nutrition important?
There are a lot of reasons, but let’s talk about several important ones to see how making some changes can really improve your life!

Energy: Who doesn’t want some extra energy to keep up with your children? What we put into our bodies fuels our bodies and our brain. Okay, so we all know that. Cookies (simple carbs) in mouth = crashing for a nap one hour later. Protein and/or complex carbs (think eggs and/or oatmeal) for breakfast = sustained energy until lunchtime. A good sized lunch with a healthy combination of proteins, grains and fruit = awesomeness for the afternoon. Dinner with lean protein and dark green veggies lets your body digest easily while sleeping well. “What? I can’t do that!” Yes, you really can! It’s worth it and you’ll feel better. I promise you. Sure, there’s a thing called real life! I make the children potatoes, rice, etc. with dinner, but I choose to fill up the healthier options and leave the carbs behind at night. Why is lean protein essential? It feeds into your muscles which helps burn calories. When you’re not carrying extra weight, you feel more energetic. Boom – I just took you full circle. It’s beautiful, I must admit!

Mood: There are a lot of great vitamins that sometimes we don’t get enough of. One lovely little vitamin is B6. It acts as a mood booster. Now we’re talking! B6 is essential to parenting and has enhanced my life. In simple terms, B6 boots your mood, increases your focus and alertness and, oddly enough, helps you get a better night’s sleep (because when you create more serotonin, you create more melatonin which helps you sleep better). B6 is found in low does in many foods that you may already be eating. Do I benefit from taking an appropriate supplement? Yes, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Role model and life longevity: We get it. Parenting is the most important job on earth! Our health habits, along with all of our decisions, are watched closely on a daily basis by our children from a very young age. “If it’s good for mommy or daddy, it’s good for me.” What are your choices teaching your children? Are your nutritional values and decisions leading you to live a full and long life? If not, small changes can have a big impact!

Eating in a balanced, healthy way includes, among other things, a daily intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbal adaptogens (plants that help the body’s ability to resist a stressor). The benefits of a healthy living include: increased metabolism, decreased inflammation (the start of many ailments), decreased bloating, a detoxified body, regulated blood sugar, improved digestion, sustainable energy throughout the day, increased mood levels, better sleep at night and it promotes a longer life.

It is my passion to help people who want to make healthier choices! If I can help you, please feel free to email me. I’m journeying right alongside of you and it would be my pleasure to talk to you!

Shannon Morris

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